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January 2014

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I miss

I miss the days we spent together
Hand in hand, heart beat to heart beat.
Scheming random late night adventures
In a room lit with sparkling lights
That made me all the more dizzy while lying next to you.

I miss the days when we were poor
For these are the days I felt we truly made it.
Slow dancing to Frank Sinatra as the trees outside danced and cheered for us
While the worlds best guard cat was on the lookout.
I miss the days when I felt special
To the only one I wanted for life.
Cuddling up on that free couch of ours
In that tiny shack we called a home
Whispering sweet nothings to each other
While white stars danced aglow from above.

I miss the nights I slept next to him
When everything was peaceful - if but for a moment.
When I had the chance to just hug him and never let him go
The nights when I stayed up late just to study his perfect face
And watch him sleep as any woman in love would do.

I miss the days when we were a family
When I would cook dinner for us, and we would sit down and talk

I miss the days when he loved me so much he would hop the fence just to see me when I was being stubborn
He will never know how much inside I appreciated that.
For no one else in my life has ever done so and will never do so.

I miss the days when I didn't have to choose between the love of my
life and my family
Days filled with peace, harmony and freedom
Days when I didn't feel threatened or put down
Back when everything was a possibility
Had we BOTH tried

I miss the way he wanted me.
The commitment to the promise even
though we both messed up on our parts.

I miss my best friend; my confidant, my protector

I miss  having a smile on my face.
I miss feeling good and proud of myself.
I miss being the future misses boo
I miss ...

I miss it all